About Our Cruises


Prices vary on holidays and the week of Valentine’s Day

Cancellation policy:

All reservations require payment at the time of booking and are non-refundable. Coupons, gift certificates, and cruise vouchers must be used at the time of booking and will not be accepted after the reservation is confirmed. If you are redeeming a gift certificate or cruise voucher and you cancel or do not show up for your cruise, the certificate or cruise voucher is considered redeemed.

If you need to reschedule your cruise after your reservation is made, there will be a $10 transaction fee. Reschedules are not available less than 72 hours before the pre-arranged cruise time.  All sales are final and we are not able to accommodate changes or reschedules within 72-hours of the cruise, so any late change requests will result in cruise forfeiture.


You are welcome to take photos with a camera or cell phone while aboard the gondola. You can ask your gondolier to take a photo using your camera while dockside, but not while he is rowing. If you wish to provide your own professional photographer aboard a gondola cruise (shooting from land or on the gondola with you), there will be a $20 coordination fee.

Late arrivals:

Please be on time or a little early. If you are late for your cruise, your gondolier will need to end your cruise at the scheduled time to prepare for the next guests.

Weather concerns:

If local weather conditions don’t allow for a cruise, you will be issued a raincheck. We do not issue refunds.

We will cruise in light rain at the guests’ request (we recommend you bring an umbrella if light rain is in the forecast). For comfort reasons, we don’t recommend cruising when the winds are 15-17 mph.

For safety reasons, we are not able to cruise when the wind exceeds 17 mph or when lightning is forecast.

What to bring with you:

We will provide blankets. Bring a light jacket if it is chilly. You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine and we will provide a silver bucket for you.