The Romance of Venice in the heart of Orange County

Imagine gliding through the canals of Venice, overlooking the bay under the twilight. Now, you can evoke all the romance and lively fun that is synonymous with Italy right here in the beautiful bay and canals of Newport Beach, California.

$100 for 2 passengers (prices may vary by time)

$15 for each additional passenger

50 minutes

Enjoy a 50-minute ride with a sweet addition. Each person aboard will receive a half-pint mason jar filled with one of our four delicious dessert options – Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake, or Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake.

$125 for 2 passengers (prices may vary by time)

$30 for each additional passenger

50 minutes

Why Choose Us?

  • A 50-minute cruise on the bay and around the canals of Newport Beach
  • Voted “Best Place to Take a Date in Orange County”
  • Voted one of the “Top Ten Destinations in Southern California”
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Message in a Bottle surprises
  • Wedding deliveries and escapes from yachts and private locations on the water
  • Gondolas can accommodate a maximum of six guests

Where to Find Us

We have moved! Check out our new location on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach

3101 West Coast Highway, Suite 110A

Newport Beach, CA 92663

Looking for a lunch, appetizer, or dinner cruise?

 Visit our sister company, Gondola Adventures Inc. for more cruise options, including different boat styles and gondolas with canopy covers.